Sunday, February 10, 2013

Shiba Inu Lab Mix - The Best Shiba Inu Ever!

Shiba Inu Lab Mix
Shiba Inu Lab Mix

The Shiba Inu Lab Mix breeds are even more rare than the white Shiba Inu.  Heck, I’ve seen a Shiba Inu Beagle mix and their ears are like the Beagles.  I’m sure you can mix a Shiba Inu with most breeds; however, their personality are most likely to change since they are mixed.  

The Shiba Inu Lab mix are usually made to make the Shiba Inu more affectionate, since they are not known to be.  Shiba Inu dogs are like cats and usually hate being in the water or taking baths.  So I think that the Shiba Inu Lab mix will most likely favor watersports, as all Labradors loves being in the water!

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