Monday, May 6, 2013

Shiba Inu Plush

Shiba Inu Plush
The best looking Shiba Inu plush toys that I've seen around on the internet are the ones made by KOSEN (Made in Germany).  These Shiba Inu plush toys are extremely soft and the most realistic out of all the other Shiba Inu plush toys out there...  I am not affiliated with this company, nor do I work with them - I'm just a fan of these plush toys because it looks the most realistic compared to other plush toys.  Some Shiba Inu plush toys have abnormally large round heads, which can sometimes look cute or might just start looking like the Pomeranian "Boo" dog.  Although, I personally like both types of plush toys.  The most realistic plush toys are more for show and the more cartoony ones are more playful looking.

Also, remember to NOT leave your Shiba Inu plush toys around your real Shiba Inu; otherwise, they'll attack them thinking it's their toy!

Anyways, depending on which plush toy you prefer to get, usually the Japanese Shiba Inu plush toys are more rounder and cuter than the other kinds of Shiba Inu plush toys in general.

I'll show you what I mean, for example:

Friday, May 3, 2013

Shiba Inu Stuffed Animal

Shiba Inu Stuffed Toys
I've tried to balance Shiba Inu stuffed animals on top of my Shiba Inu.  They can balance anything on their heads.  Anyways, I have over 20 Shiba Inu stuffed animal toys in my collection and still looking for the cutest plush toys from Japan.  I swear, Japan has the best Shiba Inu stuff you can find.  Plus, Shiba Inus originated from Japan - I figure they have everything Shiba Inu.

Here are some of the things I have gotten over the years!

This Shiba Inu stuffed animal looks like a loaf of bread! Hehehe^ - ^

Shiba Inu Books

Shiba Inu Books 
If you've gone to the book store recently, you'll find that there are hardly any Shiba Inu books.  You'll have to get it online because it is hard to get.  I usually get Shiba Inu books and magazines online (usually Japanese).  The Japanese books and magazines just have better quality pictures than US books in general and are much cuter in my opinion.

And just letting you know that Japanese magazines costs twice as much as US magazines, but they are so worth it.  Even if you get a couple magazines or Shiba Inu books, the Japanese ones are so much better.

This Shiba Inu magazine is very popular in Japan.

Shiba Inu Ornament

Shiba Inu Ornament
If you're anything like me, then you like to buy anything and everything Shiba Inu.  I like to collect little plush Shiba Inu figurines or Shiba Inu Ornament just to surround myself in Shiba Inu cuteness.  My favorite items are the ones from Japan or some handmade items from Etsy.

If you shop around on the internet, you can find really cute Shiba Inu stuff from online.  The Shiba Inu products I get are either made in Japan or China.  It takes a bit of searching on your part because there aren't a lot of things you can buy at a local store.  You just have to find the best thing online, there's hundreds of Shiba Inu ornaments related items to choose from keychains, stuffed animals, figurines, t-shirts, books, etc.  I posted some of the items that I got from Amazon and Etsy.

2013 Shiba Inu Calendar

2013 Shiba Inu Calendar
Did you get your 2013 Shiba Inu Calendar this year?  Well, you should - I got mine already from Amazon on February and I get to see different types of Shiba Inus every month since I like to hang pictures of Shiba Inus on my wall.  

I used to print pictures of Shiba Inus on my printer but my printer doesn't print out quality pictures of Shiba Inus.  But the if you get this year's calendar, its like your getting 12 glossy posters of Shiba Inus on your wall.  And I figured that it was cheaper for me to buy a calendar than one big poster (usually from Japan for really cute pictures!)  So, don't forget to buy your 2013 Shiba Inu Calendar, its not to late in the year and plus you get a dozen posters of your favorite Shiba Inu dog. 

The most beautiful dog breed ever!

Shiba Inu Socks!

Shiba Inu Socks
Have you ever tried to make your Shiba Inu dog wear socks?  Well, you should because it's the most hilarious thing ever.  Slip on a pair of socks on your Shiba Inu and see what they do.  I guarantee you that they wouldn't know what to do with themselves and they will act all goofy.  And it's not like they can take off their socks - so even better!

You can get Shiba Inu Socks from Amazon for real cheap if you like to match with your Shiba Inu in the same Shiba Inu pairs of socks!  Its the cutest thing ever.

Be cool and get yourself a pair of Shiba Inu socks.  And don't forget to try it on your Shiba Inu and laugh your socks off!

Shiba Inu Scream

Shiba Inu Scream Off!
Shiba Inu dogs can be a bit of a yapper, but they are also known to be very quite at times.  But when they do make a point to be loud, they don't really bark like a normal dog but rather yelp in a hi-pitch.  They don't have deep vocal chords and they don't use it that often.  Shiba Inus would rather sit and lounge around the apartment or keep to itself in a peaceful corner.  However, don't try to intentionally provoke the Shiba Inu or they will make a ruckus!

In this video example, these Shiba Inu puppies had a scream off which was encouraged by the owners as a joke.

Video of Dog Rejecting Owner’s Affection Goes Viral

Mari-kun Dog Video Gone Viral This Week

This week on Yahoo News, Mari-kun the Shiba Inu dog became a viral video overnight.  The video portrays the dog Mari-kun as less-than-affectionate to his owner from Japan. And everyone watching it thinks that this is pretty funny usual behavior.  But actually, Shiba Inus are known to be the least affectionate compared to most all other dog breeds in the world.  So, people who do not know about the Shiba Inu just think that its just this one particular dog being stand-offish towards his owner while it has been known that all Shibas really do act this way.

The Japanese dog owner of Mari-kun is just hilarious to watch and will do anything to get a little love and affection from his furry companion. But Mari-kun dog will not give in - not one paw!  Watch to see the adorable Mari-kun dog!