Friday, May 3, 2013

Video of Dog Rejecting Owner’s Affection Goes Viral

Mari-kun Dog Video Gone Viral This Week

This week on Yahoo News, Mari-kun the Shiba Inu dog became a viral video overnight.  The video portrays the dog Mari-kun as less-than-affectionate to his owner from Japan. And everyone watching it thinks that this is pretty funny usual behavior.  But actually, Shiba Inus are known to be the least affectionate compared to most all other dog breeds in the world.  So, people who do not know about the Shiba Inu just think that its just this one particular dog being stand-offish towards his owner while it has been known that all Shibas really do act this way.

The Japanese dog owner of Mari-kun is just hilarious to watch and will do anything to get a little love and affection from his furry companion. But Mari-kun dog will not give in - not one paw!  Watch to see the adorable Mari-kun dog!

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