Friday, March 29, 2013

Shiba Inu Traits, Characteristics and Personality

Shiba Inu tends to be good with kids but not newborn babies. This is because they are domineering and headstrong that need to be around with experienced dog owners. Shiba Inu should be kept on the leash at all times (especially if they haven't already been neutered). In some states, it may be mandatory or law that you keep your dog on a leash at all times, so check if your state requires you to keep your dog on the leash. Also, Shiba Inus get separation anxiety, toy/food possessiveness, and are prone to dog aggression. This can be avoided and minimized if the Shiba Inu is given daily exercise and mental stimulation.

The Shiba Inu possess small pointed ears, compact body, red-lush fur, and curly tail. The Shiba Inu is quick and light on its feet. They are usually good-natured, bold, and are high-alert types. Shiba Inus have a double coat and need to be in a well-insulated area especially in the summertime. They have a course overcoat and a soft undercoat that does not need any hair cuts/monthly trimming (leave hair growing natural) but MUST brush out fur routinely.

Shiba Inu dogs have a "big dog" mentality, high-energy and expressive personality. They are extremely self-confident, independent, and intelligent breed. You must make sure to give your Shiba Inu enough daily exercise and activities; otherwise, it will become snappy and vocal when its not given proper mental stimulation. Shiba Inus are commonly compared to cats as they like to groom themselves and tend to do their own thing. However, Shiba Inus can just as well be good watch dogs and are very protective of their owner, their own toys/belongings and their own food.

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